Harvard Students Meet Web Content Creation

Better Writers. Better Content. Better Prices.

Here at College Copywriters, we understand the difficulties of getting your hands on fresh web content for your blog or website. Finding the appropriate balance between price and quality has never before been so difficult in the content market. You need a content solution that you can trust, one that understands the ins and outs of your business that can boost your SEO. And while there are many web content production companies that can meet your standards—finding one at the right price is nearly impossible.

Harvard Students Meet Content Creation

That’s where we come in. We’re a team of expert Harvard student content writers—specifically trained in the art of web content creation. We’ve pooled together the world’s brightest students: scholars, researchers, future Pulitzer prize winners, all at the disposal of writing content for your business. Our average SAT score would probably hover around the perfect range. But our writers our much more than a handful of high-scoring test takers.

Businessman Writing the Word Content

Commitment to Our Work

With College Copywriters, you can expect a certain level of excellence and commitment to our work. Our students understand the careful research and planning that must be done in order to prepare for your company’s web content and blogging needs. We may have a host of Computer Science, Economics, and Business majors, but that doesn’t mean our students won’t take the extra time to understand what makes your finance blog unique. No amount of organic chemistry classes can give our students enough insight into why your hair-care products are truly special. We need all the information we can get to help boost your SEO and create truly premium content. That’s where you come in.

Client Cooperation

Our success as writers is entirely dependent on your cooperation and assistance during the writing process. You need to help us understand your story. What do your customers want from you? How do they identity with your product? What is the defining style or tone of your company? Be as detailed as possible when describing what you need form us, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


The years of over-price mediocre content are over. Don’t waste any more money on cheap content mills—order content from College Copywriters today and start driving traffic to your website or blog.

8 Online Metrics to Start Tracking Today

How are you gauging the efficacy of your website? If you’re tracking your online metrics, you’re already on the right track. Here’s a quick guide to the 8 online metrics that are indispensable.

online metrics


Every time you launch a content marketing campaign, be sure to track trends in website visits. This will help you evaluate how effective your content was in attracting visitors to your site.

In addition, keep an eye out for how many of these visitors are new or returning. You want to strike a good balance of retaining your old customers, while also attracting new users to your site.


This online metric measures the rate at which visitors land on your site and leave right away. This can suggest that either the content on your landing page is not compelling enough or there may be technical problems such as a website that is not mobile-friendly.


Do you know where your leads are coming from? Google Analytics can help you track this online metric and determine whether your leads are direct, referrals, organic, or social. Figure out which of these are most effective at generating leads and which of these channels need work.

  • Direct leads tell you the number of people who head to your site directly.
  • Referrals are those that come from other links outside your website.
  • Organic leads are those that result from users that found you via a search.
  • Social leads are those that stem from social media.


Providing useful, free content for users to download is an excellent tactic for drawing potential clients to your site and reinforcing your business’ authority in the industry. Track this online metric for each piece of content, as well as its referral source to figure out what type of audience responds best to which type of information.


Depending on the purpose of your page, the ideal amount of time spent per page will be different. If you published content that is meant to retain the reader’s attention, having users spend 3 minutes is much better than 15 seconds. However, if the page is meant to provide quick instructions for setting up a software, users spending excessive amounts of time on your page may mean that the content isn’t doing its job.

If you find that a particular page is interesting to your users, it would be worth having links that redirect them to your product once you’ve captured their attention.


This online metric allows you to gauge how much you’re spending on advertising per click in order to draw a user to your website. Different industries will have different norms for the average cost-per-click, but comparing the CPC across different advertising sources with their efficacy will help you pinpoint the channels most worth your money.


Tracking your revenue’s a bit of a no-brainer fro an online metric, but it’s important to mention all the same.


This online metric tracks what portion of your leads generated by content market successfully turn into paying customers. This will help you get an idea for your progress in generating engaging content.


Best Tactics for Higher Search Rankings Part 2

Higher Search Rankings

So you just finished reading Part 1 of this post, and have a solid handling for the basics on how to achieve higher search rankings. But there are still many more quick fixes that you can do in order to be SEO-competitive! Check it out.


Let’s get a better handle on exactly how your website is doing in comparison to your competitors’ sites. Having a solid understanding of your own circumstances is the first step in getting higher search rankings.

Here’s a useful tool that can help you assess your website’s current ranking. It breaks down your ranking, along with showing you the popularity of certain keywords that are relevant to your business.


Have you been on a website that loads so slowly that you’ve exited the site in frustration? Many of us have been there, so you may already intuitively know that faster websites are more appealing to users in general.

But did you know that Google actively penalizes website with slower page load times? Users are accustomed to a speed of around 2 seconds for a page to load – any slower an you’re bound to have more user bounces. So in order to score higher search rankings, make sure that your website is up to par in page load speed.

Google provides a tool for developers that assesses website speed and analyzes the areas that can be improved in order to increase page load speed. Pingdom is another great resource that can help you assess website speed.


Those terms might sound like just developer talk, but they’re very important for helping Google identify what your page is about. Title tags are like headlines for your page, while meta descriptions provides the summary.

In many cases, the default title tag to your home page is simply <Home Page>, which doesn’t help Google rank your page. Picking the right meta description can also do wonders to help you get higher search rankings.


While the tips above are all fixes you can do on your own website, there are still other external factors that you need to keep in mind in order to achieve higher search rankings.

People oftentimes overlook the fact that outside of their own website, there needs to be many quality links pointing toward your website. Meaning that people have seen the legitimacy of your website and actively promoting it.

But aside from hoping that people will be posting about your website, you can take several steps to help this process move along. Have a robust social media presence that directs your followers to your website. Have a blog that can draw readers toward your home page. This is one of the most important steps for achieving higher search rankings.


This two-part post just covered the basics of SEO. Stay tuned for future posts on more helpful tools to utilize, more in-depth tips on link-building, and help on scoring the right keywords for your website!

Best Tactics for Higher Search Rankings Part 1

Higher Search Rankings

How important is it to have higher search rankings? According to a study by MarketingCharts, almost 40% of customers come from online search results. In addition, approximately 75% of users never go beyond the first page of search results when browsing.

Do we have your attention now?

Especially in this age of digitalization, higher search rankings are crucial for reaching your clients online. Check out these following tips on how to stay ahead of your competition in terms of higher search rankings.


As studies show, content marketing is where it’s at. Websites with only stuffed with keywords are no longer to fool search engines – Google now gives higher search rankings to websites that contain substantive information for its users.

In addition, Marketing Sherpa reports content distribution leads to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic and a 40% increase in revenue. That’s pretty convincing that drawing visitors to your site by publishing useful content to them is pretty effective. Focus on engaging your visitors and improving their user experience.


Google also rewards websites that demonstrate their relevancy to users with higher search rankings. An integral way of doing this would be to make sure that your website not only has quality content but also publishes that quality content frequently.


Google’s docks points from websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. This is in part due to the fact that 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. So if you want higher search rankings, it’s crucial that your website is up to standard for these visitors.


While using social media doesn’t directly affect your search engine rankings, it does play a vital part in disseminating your content and drawing visitors to your website. Not only that, GroupM states “when consumers were exposed to both search and social media influenced by a brand that overall search CTR went up by 94 percent.” So make sure you have those social media plug-ins on your website and create posts that are easily shareable by interested users.

Stay tuned for more tips to a higher search ranking, and check out Part 2 of this post for more info!

Combining Social Media and Content Marketing


People commonly ask whether social media marketing and content marketing are the same things. Or whether one should be used over the other. However, studies have shown that they are most effective when used in conjunction, as evidenced by the over 90% of B2B businesses that opt to use social media as a content marketing tactic.

So what exactly are they doing that’s working so well? Let’s get you started.


The first step in launching a successful content marketing campaign via social media is to map out your strategy. While content marketing is proven to be effective in attracting clients by offering valuable consumer information, it’s equally important to know what your goals are while you disseminate that information and reach your audience. Since producing quality content takes resources and time to produce (or can be outsourced to reliable sources to save time), so be sure to enter this process, clearly knowing how you want to reach potential clients will ensure that those resources don’t go to waste.

Are you trying to develop a larger social media presence on a particular platform? Or is the goal to redirect the visitors on your social media page to your website page? Once you’ve identified your goals, it allows for your execution to be much more focused.


While the various social media platforms may or may not provide similar services, there are particular nuanced differences in the communities that these platforms serve. While platforms such as Facebook appeal to a wider variety in audience, other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram attract a narrower demographic. Be sure that your business is fully optimizing its social media by correctly pairing the nature of the business with the nature of the social media audience.

In addition, does the platform itself speak to what your mission is? Are you intent on a more professional tone (such as through Linkedin) or a more fun vibe (such as through Vine)?


Finally, make sure you’re able to track the progress of your marketing campaign through whichever platform you decide to use. Social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin have built-in analytics tied to their advertising, but setting up a Google Analytics account to link with your website will help track where your website traffic is coming from.

Are you achieving the results that you want? Each social media platform will have its own pros in cons in helping you achieve the desired effect, and some might be more effective in accomplishing goals than others.

Why College Copywriters has The Best Affordable Web Content

Why should your small business bother with copywriting?

Make no mistake– copywriting can be a tedious job at times. Writing original web content and web copy can be extremely time-consuming, and outsourcing to other SEO specialists (like Textbroker or iWriter) can be both pricey and dissatisfying.  That’s why College Copywriters offers the perfect solution to your web content needs.

Do you run a Web Development Company, but don’t have enough time to write your client’s content for them?

We’ve seen this problem in our client’s all too many times. Many web development specialists need their clients to provide them with written web copy to attach to their pages. These usually consists of “About Me” pages, product descriptions, as well as various blog posts about the industry or business. However, many of these clients don’t know how to actually write web copy, leaving both web devSEOelopment specialists and the clients unhappy.

That’s where College Copywriter’s comes in!

We can write the web copy for all of your clients– our carefully vetted writers have the ability to research and compose thoughtfully written web content. As college students, our writers have the skills to research their projects and ensure that all necessary information will be included in the content they produce. Trust us, these students can write! Don’t waste time on services like iWriter.com, where most of the writers hardly speak English. We hand-pick our students from some of the best colleges in the country– including Harvard University, where our company is currently based.

Importance of Blogging and Fresh Contentgoogle

As a small business, you may not have the capacity to keep up a blog and create new web content for your website. However, failure to do so will result in a decrease in your website’s Search Engine Optimization– (on google, your page will be ranked lower than other similar companies). By keeping a weekly monitored blog, your website will increase in SEO ranking, moving you further up on Google’s page and driving more customer’s to your website! So what are you waiting for? Get your blog up and running by signing up for College Copywriters today!

College Copywriters Valentine’s Day Sale!

Valued College Copywriters Customer, 

Happy (Late) Valentine’s Day! On behalf of this very special occasion, we’re offering a variety of promotional deals and sales throughout the week to our most frequent customers! If you haven’t already received an E-mail from us, please reach out to us (manager@collegecopywriters.com) for more details! You don’t want to miss out on this special offer!

In other news, we will be launching a variety of social media and advertising campaigns in order to keep our writers busy. To kickstart this initiative, be sure to tell your friends about College Copywriters on FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin to spread the word.

Our target audience is mostly small marketing and advertising firms– typically one-man shops– who do not necessarily have the time to work on smaller web content projects. We can pretty much satisfy all of your content needs. Client orders include a variety of assignments– blog posts, social media blurbs, product descriptions, e-commerce reviews, etc.– all aimed at enhancing their business’s online presence and driving traffic to their website. For more information, e-mail us at manager@collegecopywriters.com

Lastly, if you’re a new client, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about free-trials we’ll be offering in the coming weeks. Our writers are hungry for more web content orders– and we’d love to see our customer base consistently purchasing web copy from college copywriters. Be on the lookout for more deals in the future!

All the best,

Your CC Managers

Why College Students Make the Best Web Content Writers

The world of web content and copy can be a difficult market to navigate. Learning how to use the right keywords, maximize search engine optimization, and drive traffic to your website are not only costly initiatives– but can also take away valuable time from your company. We’re here to revolutionize the web content industry: offering premium web content at much more affordable prices.


Better Writers, Better Content:

At College Copywriters, are writers are hand-selected from some of the most talented students across the nation; our students are more than prepared to tackle even the most daunting of  web content challenges. With the critical-thinking and research skills to compose coherent and thoughtfully written articles, we can guarantee you will be satisfied with all of your content requests. We inform our writers of the cutting-edge methods in web marketing, constantly posting articles that provide useful tips to boosting search engine optimization.

How can we help you?

Our client’s orders encompass a wide variety of assignments– blog posts, social media blurbs, product descriptions, e-commerce reviews, etc.– all aimed at enhancing their business’s online presence and driving traffic to their website. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet client’s needs. Do you have an online product that needs updated product descriptions on a regular basis? Do you need weekly blog posts for your business or company on current trends in your market? Do you need to launch a new social media campaign with multiple press releases? We have a writer for that.


Let’s get started!

We’ll be offering free trials and other promotional sales in the upcoming weeks– please stay tuned for the best deals on web copy! We look forward to working with both students and clients throughout 2016.


New Marketing Strategies to Try This Year

Thought about what your New Year’s resolutions are? How about a couple resolutions for your business this year? As the new year rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about innovative, online marketing strategies to try to breathe new life into your business.

Content marketing is your best friend. 

With everything moving online to the Internet, your business needs to adapt to this new trend. The best method is to fill your online marketing arsenal with tons of valuable, relevant online content. The priority for website visitors today is to find information that will be useful to them. You can take advantage of this by offering that very information and drawing them to your website.

This valuable online content will primarily take the forms of informative blog posts or articles to be featured on your website. Updating them regularly is the key for making the most out of this marketing strategy – your search engine ranking will thank you for that.

Leverage other website platforms to help you spread your content as well. Create a funny video on Youtube, or publish a newsletter on Issuu. The more content you have online that’s circulating, the better. Be sure that this content is relevant particularly to your target market – that’s the only way to draw visitors to your website and get your content viral.

More proactive ways you can make sure that your content is making its rounds on the Internet is working with other partners/bloggers to spread the word. Barter for your exposure by delivering a service for other individuals and businesses to post your material to link back to your website. Having others use your content as a vessel for leading back to your website is one of the best ways to boost your search engine optimization (SEO).

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

If you have a website for your business, you’re already on the right track. However, in this day and age, having a blog is first thing you want to set up if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s take a look why maintaining a blog can only help you and your business get a leg up in the market.

1) Drive Traffic to Your Website

Two of the most important things you can do for your business’ website is to boost both your website traffic and your search engine optimization (SEO). And by maintaining a blog on your website, you’ve just killed these two birds with one stone.

Studies have shown that businesses with blogs on their website have 55% more website visitors than companies without blogs. Naturally, more visitors means more conversions and sales. Blogs increase the chance of consumer exposure to your brand, so it’s essential that you have relevant content out there on the web to reach your potential consumers.

Speaking of having relevant content, producing regularly-updated, quality online content is key. Blogs can serve as an integral, cost-effective piece of your content-based marketing. Not only that, routinely maintaining a blog is a good way to make sure your website pops up as one of the first few results in a Google search, or, in other words, ensuring that your website has great SEO.

2) Establish That You Are an Industry Expert

Not only do blogs serve as a boost for website traffic and SEO, they also help to build your business brand and reinforce its legitimacy. By regularly blogging about topics that are industry-specific, you prove to your customers that you are both knowledgeable and updated with new developments in your field.

Providing relevant, quality content is only about driving website traffic – it’s about offering your customers information of value. By doing so, you build your own credibility as a leading expert in your industry, as well as building your customers’ confidence and trust in you to deliver.

3) Foster Customer Relationships

Communication is a two-way channel, and as unexpected as it seems, blogs can actually be utilized in that fashion as well to help foster customer relationships. Through your blogs, you give your company a voice, an identity that your customers can relate to or bring up a mental picture of. That’s the first step in establishing a good relationship – being clear about your own purpose and stance.

The second step is simply being able to listen to your customers’ responses to your business’ mission you proposed. Read all the comments to your blogs and see what your customers have to say about your services. Being open-minded to their comments will allow you to adapt to their needs, giving you that step ahead to offer the best service out there.

Need help in getting quality, original content for your website? Don’t have the time to actually write it up yourself? Check out our copywriting service and we’ll get you started right away. Support a student-run business AND get the quality copy you need for your website.