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Why College Copywriters has The Best Affordable Web Content

Why should your small business bother with copywriting?

Make no mistake– copywriting can be a tedious job at times. Writing original web content and web copy can be extremely time-consuming, and outsourcing to other SEO specialists (like Textbroker or iWriter) can be both pricey and dissatisfying.  That’s why College Copywriters offers the perfect solution to your web content needs.

Do you run a Web Development Company, but don’t have enough time to write your client’s content for them?

We’ve seen this problem in our client’s all too many times. Many web development specialists need their clients to provide them with written web copy to attach to their pages. These usually consists of “About Me” pages, product descriptions, as well as various blog posts about the industry or business. However, many of these clients don’t know how to actually write web copy, leaving both web devSEOelopment specialists and the clients unhappy.

That’s where College Copywriter’s comes in!

We can write the web copy for all of your clients– our carefully vetted writers have the ability to research and compose thoughtfully written web content. As college students, our writers have the skills to research their projects and ensure that all necessary information will be included in the content they produce. Trust us, these students can write! Don’t waste time on services like, where most of the writers hardly speak English. We hand-pick our students from some of the best colleges in the country– including Harvard University, where our company is currently based.

Importance of Blogging and Fresh Contentgoogle

As a small business, you may not have the capacity to keep up a blog and create new web content for your website. However, failure to do so will result in a decrease in your website’s Search Engine Optimization– (on google, your page will be ranked lower than other similar companies). By keeping a weekly monitored blog, your website will increase in SEO ranking, moving you further up on Google’s page and driving more customer’s to your website! So what are you waiting for? Get your blog up and running by signing up for College Copywriters today!

Why College Students Make the Best Web Content Writers

The world of web content and copy can be a difficult market to navigate. Learning how to use the right keywords, maximize search engine optimization, and drive traffic to your website are not only costly initiatives– but can also take away valuable time from your company. We’re here to revolutionize the web content industry: offering premium web content at much more affordable prices.


Better Writers, Better Content:

At College Copywriters, are writers are hand-selected from some of the most talented students across the nation; our students are more than prepared to tackle even the most daunting of  web content challenges. With the critical-thinking and research skills to compose coherent and thoughtfully written articles, we can guarantee you will be satisfied with all of your content requests. We inform our writers of the cutting-edge methods in web marketing, constantly posting articles that provide useful tips to boosting search engine optimization.

How can we help you?

Our client’s orders encompass a wide variety of assignments– blog posts, social media blurbs, product descriptions, e-commerce reviews, etc.– all aimed at enhancing their business’s online presence and driving traffic to their website. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet client’s needs. Do you have an online product that needs updated product descriptions on a regular basis? Do you need weekly blog posts for your business or company on current trends in your market? Do you need to launch a new social media campaign with multiple press releases? We have a writer for that.


Let’s get started!

We’ll be offering free trials and other promotional sales in the upcoming weeks– please stay tuned for the best deals on web copy! We look forward to working with both students and clients throughout 2016.


Top 5 Books for College Entrepreneurs to Read this Summer

A college entrepreneur is expected to be versed not only in the business they lead, but in the industry and business fundamentals as well. Guidance and mentorship, therefore, are essential to young entrepreneurs, who need both expertise and encouragement to succeed. One way to learn from the best is to read the works of successful entrepreneurs, professors and thinkers around the globe.

Here is a list of five bestselling books that provide guidance and insight into the world of entrepreneurship:

1. Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman, 2011

Written by a psychologist and Noble Prize winner in economics and used by advertising professionals and businesspeople alike, this book describes the different ways we think, the emotional responses of System 1, and the slower, more reasoned and logical responses of System 2. The value in this read lies in understanding the ways that we can slow down our thought process to make measured, well thought out decisions, instead of impulsive choices.

2. The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha, 2012

Hoffman, the LinkedIn co-founder, works with an author to convey the most important strategies, not only for a start-up business, but also for taking control of your personal life and career. The book brands each person as in “permanent beta,” referring to the ever-evolving state of human life and business, and offers advice and strategy to capitalize on these constant changes.

3.How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie, 1936

The oldest title on this list, this book is still readily applicable to contemporary life, filled with tips on the most basic of human interactions: person to person. When beginning a business, you are truly building from the ground up, and your success depends on your success to interact with your first investors, your first customers, and your first challengers.

4.The $100 Start-up Chris Guillebeau, 2012

Entrepreneurship takes capital, but just how much? Guillebeau argues that the answer is a lot less than you think, and that we can all take advantage of the examples he brings to light or individuals who accidentally stumble upon entrepreneurship through hobbies and personal interests.

5. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us Seth Godin, 2008

The constant truth about business is that it revolves around people, especially at a start-up company in which personal relationships are the very foundation of business. Tribes focuses on these relationships, and the ways to nurture them, a must-read for any entrepreneur just getting started.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money in College

The following is a guest post from one of our writers who has tried many different ways to earn money in college. Hopefully this generates some ideas for you. If you would like to write an article for us, just shoot us an email.

Psychology Experiments

Psych projects are a great way to make easy money. I made around $120 dollars my fall semester sophomore year from psychology experiments on campus.


This one is pretty straightforward. There’s a lot of benefactors who would be happy to help students pay for college. If you do your research you can often find scholarships locally which not that many people know about.

Freelance Writing

This one is a personal favorite. Sites like College Copywriters pay you a considerable amount of money to write articles on your own time; the rates per article are really good.

The Note-Taker

Let’s be honest; not a whole lot of you are going to attend every class every day. I don’t. However, this shameful display of slothness can be compensated for if you know a guy who meticulously takes notes and goes to every class. He gets at least $100 per class by advertising his services on social networking sites. My advice is to be that guy.

 Selling Textbooks

This can be a decent money winner; do not sell your old books back to your school’s bookstore because they will rip you off. Instead, put up flyers and advertise the merchandise you’re selling on social media. You will earn a lot more, there are also websites like amazon and chegg which will buy them back for better prices.

Campus Employment

Campus Employment is a great way to earn money. At job fairs in the Fall, various campus employers are literally begging kids to sign up. Most of the jobs are fairly easy and you can do your homework if there is nothing to do.

Waiting Tables

Waiting tables can be a fantastic way of making money. At really high-end restaurants, you can easily hit $150 in a night. Granted, that probably won’t be possible for you, but if you’re hoping to make a few hundred dollars of (untaxed) income per week, this is a great opportunity.

Newspaper Ads

Especially if your college is in a big city, there’s definitely some opportunities you can pursue here. Take a look and see who needs a hand moving on afternoon or extras setting up a photo shoot. It’s great experience and always something new. Take a look at the craigslist gigs section as well for odd one time jobs.

Meal Plans

Depending on how expensive your meal plan at school is, you might be better off just buying/cooking all of your meals. A great arrangement I had freshman year was when one person was responsible for cooking every day of the week.

Advertise a Service

Before you say, “I don’t have any marketable skills,” I want to stop you and tell you that is absolutely false. One of my brothers is an International Chess Master, and when he was in college, would charge about $40-$50 dollars a lesson. We can’t all do that, but consider the ‘little skills’ too (ie note taking, typing up reports, etc). Try and get paid for things you already do or enjoy doing.