Combining Social Media and Content Marketing


People commonly ask whether social media marketing and content marketing are the same things. Or whether one should be used over the other. However, studies have shown that they are most effective when used  in conjunction, as evidenced by the over 90% of B2B businesses that opt to use social media as a content marketing tactic.

So what exactly are they doing that’s working so well? Let’s get you started.


The first step in launching a successful content marketing campaign via social media is to map out your strategy. While content marketing is proven to be effective in attracting clients by offering valuable consumer information, it’s equally important to know what your goals are while you disseminate that information and reach your audience. Since producing quality content takes resources and time to produce (or can be outsourced to reliable sources to save time), so be sure to enter this process, clearly knowing how you want to reach potential clients will ensure that those resources don’t go to waste.

Are you trying to develop a larger social media presence on a particular platform? Or is the goal to redirect the visitors on your social media page to your website page? Once you’ve identified your goals, it allows for your execution to be much more focused.


While the various social media platforms may or may not provide similar services, there are particular nuanced differences in the communities that these platforms serve. While platforms such as Facebook appeal to a wider variety in audience, other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram attract a narrower demographic. Be sure that your business is fully optimizing its social media by correctly pairing the nature of the business with the nature of the social media audience.

In addition, does the platform itself speak to what your mission is? Are you intent on a more professional tone (such as through Linkedin) or a more fun vibe (such as through Vine)?


Finally, make sure you’re able to track the progress of your marketing campaign through whichever platform you decide to use. Social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin have built-in analytics tied to their advertising, but setting up a Google Analytics account to link with your website will help track where your website traffic is coming from.

Are you achieving the results that you want? Each social media platform will have its own pros in cons in helping you achieve the desired effect, and some might be more effective in accomplishing goals than others.

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