8 Online Metrics to Start Tracking Today

How are you gauging the efficacy of your website? If you’re tracking your online metrics, you’re already on the right track. Here’s a quick guide to the 8 online metrics that are indispensable.

online metrics


Every time you launch a content marketing campaign, be sure to track trends in website visits. This will help you evaluate how effective your content was in attracting visitors to your site.

In addition, keep an eye out for how many of these visitors are new or returning. You want to strike a good balance of retaining your old customers, while also attracting new users to your site.


This online metric measures the rate at which visitors land on your site and leave right away. This can suggest that either the content on your landing page is not compelling enough or there may be technical problems such as a website that is not mobile-friendly.


Do you know where your leads are coming from? Google Analytics can help you track this online metric and determine whether your leads are direct, referrals, organic, or social. Figure out which of these are most effective at generating leads and which of these channels need work.

  • Direct leads tell you the number of people who head to your site directly.
  • Referrals are those that come from other links outside your website.
  • Organic leads are those that result from users that found you via a search.
  • Social leads are those that stem from social media.


Providing useful, free content for users to download is an excellent tactic for drawing potential clients to your site and reinforcing your business’ authority in the industry. Track this online metric for each piece of content, as well as its referral source to figure out what type of audience responds best to which type of information.


Depending on the purpose of your page, the ideal amount of time spent per page will be different. If you published content that is meant to retain the reader’s attention, having users spend 3 minutes is much better than 15 seconds. However, if the page is meant to provide quick instructions for setting up a software, users spending excessive amounts of time on your page may mean that the content isn’t doing its job.

If you find that a particular page is interesting to your users, it would be worth having links that redirect them to your product once you’ve captured their attention.


This online metric allows you to gauge how much you’re spending on advertising per click in order to draw a user to your website. Different industries will have different norms for the average cost-per-click, but comparing the CPC across different advertising sources with their efficacy will help you pinpoint the channels most worth your money.


Tracking your revenue’s a bit of a no-brainer fro an online metric, but it’s important to mention all the same.


This online metric tracks what portion of your leads generated by content market successfully turn into paying customers. This will help you get an idea for your progress in generating engaging content.


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