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college party  or  college server

As a college student you should not have to choose between spending time on a Friday night with your friends or working the late shift at a restaurant. You should work hard in college, but wouldn’t you like to do it on your own time?

As a college student who has spent the past few years earning his “beer money” online, I wanted to share a few of the best online jobs for college students. With all of them you can work your own hours and set your own schedule. If you have a busy week, don’t work at all if you don’t have any tests earn a little extra money.

Social Media Consultant – I bet you already spend too many hours per week on social media sites, so why not get paid to grow a business’s social media accounts. Before you land your first job, see if there are any student groups or offices on campus that need some help with their accounts. This way you can gain experience and start your client portfolio.

When looking for clients you may choose to target small business that have no social media presence or business that are trying, but failing. With tools like Hootsuite and others you can schedule tweets and posts so you can work your own schedule. Check out your school’s job board, craigslist, and local postings for job opportunities. For more info take a look at this cheap priligy priligy

Web Designer – Getting started as a web designer is easier than you think. While it would take years to learn how to build huge websites from scratch, there are a few skills you can teach yourself which are valuable to others. One of the most popular platforms to build websites on is WordPress which this blog also uses. WordPress is not just for blogs, as thousands of small business use it for their websites.

To get started, try and build yourself a personal website on YourName.com. Learn how to setup buy cheap priligy uk, install themes and plugins and what search engine optmiization is. Then reach out to a local small business and volunteer to build them a simple site with a few pages. If you want to learn more about coding and design take a look at sites like sildenafil priligy cheap which teach you more. There are a ton of resources about wordpress and design available online with a few simple searches.

Online Tutoring – Helping others with subjects they struggle with is a great way to earn money and also helps reinforce your own knowledge as a bonus. Online tutoring sites like buy cheap priligy and other will pay you to help students with their problems. These sites are great, because you can log onto them when you want and some even let you set your own pay rate depending on the subject and your level of expertise.

Other ways to earn money online with your knowledge include selling notes and study guides you create for specific classes and exams. Just make sure you are allowed to do this at your school so you do not get in any trouble.

Freelance Writer – Working as a freelance copywriter is not all that different than writing an essay for a class, except you get paid! There are many freelance writing marketplaces like College Copywriters which will pay you to write articles or blog posts on specific topics. Payments range, but most of our writers make around $15 an hour and are paid around $10 for 400 words of basic writing. The topics cover a wide range, so there is always something new to write and learn about.

Another job like this is helping students edit papers. If you are a great writer, there are many students who will pay you to review their papers with them. Editing college essays of high school friends has become a popular gig around college application deadlines.

Data Analyst – If you have taken any statistics or data analytics courses in school, why not put those skills to work? The business world is obsessed with “Big Data” right now and there are many companies looking to organize and sift through their numbers. Most business only need someone to input and organize their data in excel with some simple calculations and graphs. If you are able to do this and then provide them with a few data based suggestions, congrats you are now a consultant.

In general make sure you are professional and do not promise too much from the start. All of these college jobs can be done from the comfort of your dorm or home, and don’t hve huge startup costs. Remember to keep in contact with your clients, because you never know if they may be hiring workers when it is your turn to graduate!

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Welcome to the first post on the College Copywriters blog!

On this blog we are going to share some of our tips for working online as college students. We have tried a whole bunch of methods and hope to share some of the tips we’ve learned. They will not only apply to working on our site, but to freelancing in general. Our goal is to let as many students know as possible about the opportunities available to them online. It’s a great opportunity to make some money while building your resume and work experience.

We will also be documenting our growth as a startup. Chris and I came up with the idea for CC one summer after working at a web development firm. We realized that all of our friends in college would be the perfect people to help us write articles for the websites we were building. 500s writer and 1000’s of articles later we are here, about to launch version two of our online writing marketplace.

We hope you follow us on buy priligy priligy online uk and buy priligy priligy online to stay in the loop