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Why should your small business bother with copywriting?

Make no mistake– copywriting can be a tedious job at times. Writing original web content and web copy can be extremely time-consuming, and outsourcing to other SEO specialists (like Textbroker or iWriter) can be both pricey and dissatisfying.  That’s why College Copywriters offers the perfect solution to your web content needs.

Do you run a Web Development Company, but don’t have enough time to write your client’s content for them?

We’ve seen this problem in our client’s all too many times. Many web development specialists need their clients to provide them with written web copy to attach to their pages. These usually consists of “About Me” pages, product descriptions, as well as various blog posts about the industry or business. However, many of these clients don’t know how to actually write web copy, leaving both web devbuy priligy priligy online ukelopment specialists and the clients unhappy.

That’s where College Copywriter’s comes in!

We can write the web copy for all of your clients– our carefully vetted writers have the ability to research and compose thoughtfully written web content. As college students, our writers have the skills to research their projects and ensure that all necessary information will be included in the content they produce. Trust us, these students can write! Don’t waste time on services like iWriter.com, where most of the writers hardly speak English. We hand-pick our students from some of the best colleges in the country– including Harvard University, where our company is currently based.

Importance of Blogging and Fresh Contentbuy priligy priligy online

As a small business, you may not have the capacity to keep up a blog and create new web content for your website. However, failure to do so will result in a decrease in your website’s Search Engine Optimization– (on google, your page will be ranked lower than other similar companies). By keeping a weekly monitored blog, your website will increase in SEO ranking, moving you further up on Google’s page and driving more customer’s to your website! So what are you waiting for? Get your blog up and running by signing up for College Copywriters today!