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Valued College Copywriters Customer, 

Happy (Late) Valentine’s Day! On behalf of this very special occasion, we’re offering a variety of promotional deals and sales throughout the week to our most frequent customers! If you haven’t already received an E-mail from us, please reach out to us (manager@collegecopywriters.com) for more details! You don’t want to miss out on this special offer!

In other news, we will be launching a variety of social media and advertising campaigns in order to keep our writers busy. To kickstart this initiative, be sure to tell your friends about College Copywriters on buy priligy priligy online ukbuy priligy priligy online, and buy priligy priligy europe to spread the word.

Our target audience is mostly small marketing and advertising firms– typically one-man shops– who do not necessarily have the time to work on smaller web content projects. We can pretty much satisfy all of your content needs. Client orders include a variety of assignments– blog posts, social media blurbs, product descriptions, e-commerce reviews, etc.– all aimed at enhancing their business’s online presence and driving traffic to their website. For more information, e-mail us at manager@collegecopywriters.com

Lastly, if you’re a new client, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about free-trials we’ll be offering in the coming weeks. Our writers are hungry for more web content orders– and we’d love to see our customer base consistently purchasing web copy from college copywriters. Be on the lookout for more deals in the future!

All the best,

Your CC Managers

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Looking for the best ways to boost your website’s SEO? Still confused about what actually constitutes original content? Here are a few tips courtesy of the CC team!

1)  Use keywords strategically 

An exact match on keyword search can bring you to the top 10 results page for a search engine. Conduct careful research on which keywords may be applicable to your website. Be as specific as possible when tagging your keywords, as this can allow search engines to narrow in on your website’s specific niche. However, don’t stuff  random keywords to boost rankings– maintain a clear voice throughout all of your content. Be natural in your sentence structures– search engines can pick up on words that clearly don’t belong!

2) Do not plagiarize content

Plagiarizing your content can be an absolute search ranking killer. Known as content scraping, websites who directly copy and paste  content from another source will be penalized in search engine rankings and could potentially have their website taken off that search engine completely.  To prevent plagiarism and avoid these harmful consequences, be sure to cite and quote all content taken from outside sources. Furthermore, be sure to check all published articles with a plagiarism checker like priligy buy blog or where can i buy priligy.

3) Provide information of actual value for your audience

To boost you website’s SEO, it is crucial that your web content is not only original but also valuable to your target audience. Search engines are designed to satisfy a user’s query, and will rank web pages in the order of their ability to answer these queries. If your website cannot offer any helpful solutions or insight for user queries, your overall search engine rankings will suffer.  Thus, be sure to pay careful attention to what exactly your user’s are looking for and how you can fulfill all of their needs.

4) Include links to other credible sites

Links from credible sites tell search engines that your website can be trusted. When search engines crawl your website and find these high authority website links, they boost your overall search engine score. However, it is important that the flow of these links is entirely natural, or you may be penalized for including random links that are not related to the content you provide.

5) Update your content regularly

Google looks for content that’s up to date to feature higher up in their search result rankings. It’s good practice to have some sort of blog on your website to provide new, steady content on a weekly basis. Furthermore, by uploading content more consistently, you have a greater chance of matching some keywords with search engine queries.


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Welcome to our second Writer Spotlight post. Writer spotlight is a feature we run about once a week which features one of our writers who in our, or our client’s opinion has produced consistent high-quality content. Over the past two weeks past week, Alix has quickly distinguished herself as one of our top new writers.

We wanted to thank Alix for her hard work, and invite our writers and clients to learn more about our community of writers. Here is what Alix had to say about her experience writing for buy generic levitra with priligy

My name is Alix Marks and I attend Emory University where I am a psychology major.

Q: How did you find out about College Copywriters?
A: I found out about the site while perusing through my Facebook feed. There I came across Brian’s (one of the founders) post about College Copywriters. (I know Brian from Emory)

Q: Why do you freelance write for College Copywriters? What is your favorite part about writing for the company?
A: I was particularly interested in something that I could do for income but on my own schedule. Though I am new to CC , it has been such a great experience and is everything I was looking for. I am able to do something I enjoy (writing) while making some money during the time I am not working at my unpaid summer internship.

Q: What are you involved with at school and how do you balance it all?
A: At Emory, I take business courses in addition to my courses for my psychology major. I participate in Greek life, as well as volunteer programs at the local Atlanta animal rescue center. I also am an Emory tour guide and enjoy interacting with all or the prospective students. I think it is key to make sure that everything you participate in is enjoyable for you. If you enjoy your activities it is much easier to find time for all of them. I always try to stick to doing the things I enjoy, which allows me to work hard and succeed at the tasks I am faced with. 

Q: What are you doing this summer?
A: This summer I am working in finance at an asset management firm called Hightower Advisors. I decided to pursue my interest in finance though I am a psychology major.

Q: What are your tips for other writers on CC?
A: That being said, when writing for CC I always make sure to choose assignments that I am intrigued by. I make sure that I feel capable of “being an expert” on the topic and then accept the assignment. This seems to work well in producing high-quality work. Of course not every topic will interest you so try to shy away from those that don’t.

Q: What would be your favorite topic would be to write about if you could pick anything?
A: For me personally if I could choose any topic, my favorite to write about would be current news regarding the music industry/culture.

Q: What do you plan to do after school?
A: After I graduate from Emory next year my plans are to have a full time job in private wealth management and move to NYC

Thanks Alix for your time, if would like to become a writer like Alix you can buy priligy generic!