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Boca Raton, FL – College Copywriters, a South Florida-based startup, has launched a new version of its priligy generic cheap. Their new platform allows webmasters and businesses to order content for their blogs or websites directly from College Copywriters’ network of college students across the US.

Founders Brian Diener and Chris Smiles, college seniors at Emory University and Harvard University respectively, started the business in the fall of 2011. Since then, the network has completed thousands of orders and now includes over 500 student writers. Building on this success, they are releasing a new version of their website, which provides clients with a robust set of ordering options and gives writers additional opportunities to earn money.

“Freelance writing really is the perfect college job,” says Smiles. “Students are able to gain valuable work experience while choosing their own hours.”  Most students who write for College Copywriters earn around $15 per hour. Writers sign up on the site and are vetted after submitting a comprehensive writing sample that is evaluated by the team’s editors.

Most small businesses do not have the budget to hire a full time writing staff, so College Copywriters allows them to fulfill their need for quality web copy. Businesses are able to draw from a vast network of outstanding college students to create content for their blogs or websites at an affordable price.

Given the size and scope of the network, College Copywriters’ students are able to write pieces on almost any topic. “Freelance writing is not that different from a college essay,” says Diener. “They both require background research, strong writing skills and compelling content. We feel our writers are well equipped to provide high quality content for our clients.”

Diener and Smiles plan on adding more features to the platform throughout the summer. By the end of the year, they hope to have 1,000 writers signed up.

As an added bonus, the two hope that their service will help writers build relationships with clients and add to their own professional resumes, which could lead to job placements as they enter the workforce after college.

About CollegeCopywriters.com

CollegeCopywriters.com is an online content marketplace where marketers, webmasters, business owners and website developers can order quality, unique content from students attending the nation’s leading colleges and universities. Check out our website at CollegeCopywriters.com or Like us on buy cheap priligy online and Follow us on cheap priligy uk.