Why Your Business Needs a Blog

If you have a website for your business, you’re already on the right track. However, in this day and age, having a blog is first thing you want to set up if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s take a look why maintaining a blog can only help you and your business get a leg up in the market.

1) Drive Traffic to Your Website

Two of the most important things you can do for your business’ website is to boost both your website traffic and your search engine optimization (SEO). And by maintaining a blog on your website, you’ve just killed these two birds with one stone.

Studies have shown that businesses with blogs on their website have 55% more website visitors than companies without blogs. Naturally, more visitors means more conversions and sales. Blogs increase the chance of consumer exposure to your brand, so it’s essential that you have relevant content out there on the web to reach your potential consumers.

Speaking of having relevant content, producing regularly-updated, quality online content is key. Blogs can serve as an integral, cost-effective piece of your content-based marketing. Not only that, routinely maintaining a blog is a good way to make sure your website pops up as one of the first few results in a Google search, or, in other words, ensuring that your website has great SEO.

2) Establish That You Are an Industry Expert

Not only do blogs serve as a boost for website traffic and SEO, they also help to build your business brand and reinforce its legitimacy. By regularly blogging about topics that are industry-specific, you prove to your customers that you are both knowledgeable and updated with new developments in your field.

Providing relevant, quality content is only about driving website traffic – it’s about offering your customers information of value. By doing so, you build your own credibility as a leading expert in your industry, as well as building your customers’ confidence and trust in you to deliver.

3) Foster Customer Relationships

Communication is a two-way channel, and as unexpected as it seems, blogs can actually be utilized in that fashion as well to help foster customer relationships. Through your blogs, you give your company a voice, an identity that your customers can relate to or bring up a mental picture of. That’s the first step in establishing a good relationship – being clear about your own purpose and stance.

The second step is simply being able to listen to your customers’ responses to your business’ mission you proposed. Read all the comments to your blogs and see what your customers have to say about your services. Being open-minded to their comments will allow you to adapt to their needs, giving you that step ahead to offer the best service out there.

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